Thursday, 4 February 2010

A Note about the Photo Links

Just so you know...

I've added a few belated posts.  Sledging (did I even mention that's British for sledding?) with Rory, who is the adorable 2-year old son of a friend/co-worker of mine, from the beginning of January.  As well as our karaoke night in our flat from one of the first weekends Jannice, another American volunteer in my same program however living on the opposite side of the city, arrived in Newcastle at the start of the new year.

My Creations is an album that (assuming I keep up with it) will be added to continuously as I take pictures of the wide variety of things I'm dipping my hands into this year/create.  In addition to the inanimate projects I've been working on, here's 2 links to the newest medium I'm trying out.  Claymation!

My first try:

If the above video didn't work, go here:

Second go:

If the second video didn't work, go here:

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