Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Universal Health Care

Well I've already stirred up a very lively debate via my facebook status, so I might as well put a few more coals on the fire.

Just thought I'd drop a quick line to inform everyone in light of our Senate's recent activity, that I have yet to meet a person in Britain (doctors included, as I've talked to at least one GP aka general practitioner) who dislikes or disagrees with their universal healthcare system.  Of course they admit it has flaws, but so does any other system anywhere, large or small (the organizational and filing system in one of the office's I work in here has problems!) More often than not they can not understand at all why the States wouldn't want said system and also can't understand why we wouldn't agree that all people should have the right to be taken care.

Just thought y'all should know... ;-)

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  1. No explosion of conversation on this thread, eh?