Thursday, 5 November 2009

remember, remember...

Fireworks are one of those things that while you watch them you always seem to think, "hhhmmm.... when was the last time I watched fireworks?"  Well, I can say for me it was this past summer in Milan, Illinois for the 4th of July.  The fireworks there may have been a bit better than the show here in Walker tonight (no grand finale, which was very disappointing) but the States has nothing on the bonfire that was lit tonight!

Back tracking a little, to complete the saying that was begun in the title of this post... "Remember, remember the 5th of November."  Today is Guy Fawkes Day.  The rough story I got from the kids (and what I think I've remembered hearing before this year anyway), is essentially Guy Fawkes had this plan to blow up the Houses of Parliament on the 5th of November, and was thus telling everyone to remember it.  Of course the plan was stopped, but now the 5th is celebrated in much the same manor as our 4th of July.  Bonfire and fireworks.  Granted, there's not all the patriotic stuff like we have (obviously, since our's is Independence Day) and the British CANNOT cook out like us good ol' Midwesterners (I've got a feeling by the end of this year I'm going to be craving a decent cheese burger).  BUT in Walker Park tonight, which is just across from where I work (and a couple streets down from my flat) there was THE LARGEST BONFIRE I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!  My rough guess is that it was at least 3-stories high.  Complete with a wooden "guy" at the top.  It reminded me of the movie Grease, including carnival rides.  Unfortunately, since it was so ridiculously big there wasn't any getting close to it, so no chance for hot dogs and s'mores...

long story short:
5th of November vs. 4th of July

(pictures to be posted on my facebook and link to be added onto here soon)

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  1. Last year we had neighbors down the street that celebrated that! They invited us down and we were unable to go...but I remember looking it up on the internet to find out more about it after we got the invite! What a fun thing for you to experience!! Miss you lots!! Love ya!! Em & the boys