Saturday, 14 November 2009

a night of television

So watching anything American while in Britain brings a new level of entertainment.  To list the shows of this evening (to make my night sound not soooo pathetic, I am crocheting - wait does that make it sound any better? - at least it means I'm producing something!):

NCIS - good in the States anyway!
The Bodyguard - a much better showing of Whitney Houston than when she appeared on the X-Factor (British show that we based American Idol off of) a few weeks ago.

But before those two was by far the best show I've seen on the British teli (oh yeah, they say teli rather than TV to shorten television).  It's not an American show and I'm guessing that most British don't find it nearly as amazing as I do (seeing as I have a slightly different knowledge of American culture then them...) but check this out:

The show is called Jamie's American Road Trip.  Jamie Oliver is a chef and in the episode I caught he was in Georgia and making his way through the South, obviously experiencing some delicious Southern cookin'!  However, what makes this show better than all the other abundance of cooking shows on recently is that is less about the cooking and more about culture, politics, religion, and even racism (as the poor Jamie Oliver found out when talking about Obama to a group of high society ladies having tea in the deep South) associated all around the food we make.  In all reality, it probably wouldn't be nearly as interesting to me if I was actually in the States, but alas I'm not and so have been thoroughly entertained!

Ta Ra for now!  (yes, I've actually heard people say Ta Ra for good bye)

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  1. I've never seen that show, but I think I've heard of it. Jamie Oliver became famous from a show called "The Naked Chef" and again, it wasn't so much a show about cooking as it was about culture. It was called that because he showed himself cooking meals for friends and family... so the nakedness had to do with him showing his real life. Sort of a one person cooking reality show, but it wasn't like a normal reality show... anyway...

    I also wanted to mention that American Idol is based on a British show called Pop Idol that predates the X-Factor, but no biggie :-)