Saturday, 24 October 2009

a few more translations...

As the silly translations slow down,  I'm wondering if I need to come up with a new angle...  suggestions are welcome.  But for now, here's a few that are still popping up!

You alright? vs. How are you?  (In writing this doesn't sound so weird, but it strikes you differently.  Whenever you ask if someone is alright in the States, to me, it's generally because they look like something is wrong.  Here, it's just an average beginning of a conversation).

bicarbonate of soda vs. baking soda (There are lots of little difference like this when it comes to groceries, which makes grocery shopping maybe one of my most frustrating endeavors).

carrier bag vs. grocery bag

till vs. register
ASDA vs. WalMart (good to know so one can avoid it like the plague!)

Rain vs. perpetual mist (I generally check the weather forecast each morning, and it always shows up as raining and I prepare myself for a really uncomfortable bike ride, and then I get outside and realize, to my relief, it's hardly a drizzle).

Partner vs. Partner - Generally, when we say so-and-so's partner we are usually referring to a homosexual couple.  Not so in England.  Could mean someone's life partner (living together forever, but not married), wife, husband, boyfriend (of a girl or boy), girlfriend (of a girl or boy).  I've heard most married people say partner more often than "my husband/wife."  Makes things slightly ambiguous, but I suppose that's not a bad thing?

A-Z (zed) in all cars/backpacks vs. straight roads!  Even people who have lived in a city for 10 years still don't know their way around!  Oh, and don't think if you write down all the street names you need to know as directions that will help.  You are lucky if the streets are labelled!  And if they are it's on a white sign screwed into the brick of one building.  So you are doubly lucky if you are on the right side of the street to see the sign!

Until we meet again... Cheers!  (used for Thanks, Goodbye, and of course, with a drink in hand).

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