Thursday, 8 October 2009

the little things

So I'm realizing that I should also use this blog to write down all the little things that happen each day that I won't make a point of writing down elsewhere.  Of course, as I stare at this blank text box on my computer screen the ones from today I was thinking of on my walk home are completely escaping me.  Hopefully, at some point in the near future they will return, but for now I'll include the brief but hilarious conversation I had with our Young Volunteers (kids over the age of 12 who are trained to come back to Kids Kabin - since we only have sessions for 8-12 year olds - and run sessions on their own with the kids) last night during their training...

In the course of conversation, one of the kids asked if Ralph (who is a Brother, but I'm forgetting which order at the moment) still came and helped.  He just goes by Ralph, not Br. Ralph or anything, as do all of the Assumption Sisters.  Some how it was mentioned that he is a brother, and the one boy in the group says with shock, "Ralph is a mock?!"  Now the other two girls there are surprised and intrigued/excited by this.  The boy says, "He can't be!  Mocks are bald!"  hahahaha.  And then also continued to say monks where robes and know karate (referring to Buddhist monks in Jackie Chan movies apparently).  The conversation also spiraled into saying that Jill and Jess (two of the sisters that also volunteer at Kids Kabin) couldn't be nuns because they don't wear "those things that suck their faces back," referring to habits.  I wish I could remember more of the little things they all said, but the point being I was almost crying I was laughing so hard (granted that's not a difficult task for me to achieve... the crying while laughing part...)

All for now, but hopefully I will remember more soon...

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