Saturday, 3 October 2009

a post I started a while back - obviously - and forgot to actually publish)

We've finished our "first" week in Newcastle.  Quotes since this past week wasn't really what our schedules will be like.  But despite that, already absolutely in love with Kids Kabin!!  I've been talking to the kids about all of our funny little differences (culture doesn't really seem so different, but there are funny little turns of phrases still), so here's some from this past week.  Again, I'm sure I've forgotten a lot, but more will come!

Uni - University, as in a 4 year bachelor's degree university.
College - only used in reference to a 2 year school (most likely what we would call community college).
     These two are always differientiated between, unlike American-speak.

Once I figure out how to type in Geordie there will be LOADS more to add!  (Geordie is the very particular dialect of Newcastle).  But at least one to start...
hiya = hi ya

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