Tuesday, 27 October 2009

minibus conversations

Just a couple of translations after my trip out to Rupert's Wood (Lord Rupert to be exact.  Yes, there's still all that royalty in England. We met the Lord's son today, who so kindly joined in on our frolicks through his forest, a.k.a. freeze tag and a treasure hunt).

back garden vs. back yard (a decent size chunk of grass)
yard vs. tiny patch behind your house.  (we have a small area behind our flat, which is covered in cement.  others have some greenery, mostly in pots back there. that's our yard apparently.  essentially something small enough to be measured with a yard stick).

minibus vs. regular size van (the one we took today fit about 16 people.  so i suppose we might say short bus?  but it had seats like a regular vehicle, so i'm thinking we would just say van.  you tell me!)

as always, i feel like there was more but that's all i can remember for now.  (and i should quit stalling and get back to being productive!)

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